International Conference on Researches in Science and Technology (ICRST)


Research knows no boundaries. The need for intellectual cross-pollination has driven scientists to travel and communicate with peers in far-away lands. The skills and savvy needed to establish and maintain research collaborations across political and cultural boundaries are essential components to a successful career in research, innovation and practice.

WASRTI International Conferences, provide a world-class platform for showcasing, initiating and nurturing international research collaborations. So, the main objective of this conference is to provide a platform for researchers, academicians as well as professionals all over the world to present their research results and developmental activities in Science and Technology. This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration. The participants at this conference come from various countries, different research areas, varied experience levels, to come and talk on their researches in a highly conducive and stimulating environment. 

WASRTI Conference Committee invites research scholars, academicians, scientists and practitioners worldwide to submit research and industrial experiences in form of original or published research papers, project synopsis, articles, view-points, conceptual papers, review papers, dissertation synopsis etc., that fall broadly under the following issues, but not limited to them.


Conference Issues 


  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) 
  • Science for Sustainable Development
  • Climate Change, Climate Research, Geographic and Earth Observation Systems
  • Environmental Science
  • Pollution Control and Management
  • Water Resource Management
  • Social Safety, Process Safety and Hazard Management
  • Waste Utilization and Treatment
  • Sustainable Urban Development
  • Structural Sustainability
  • Green Chemistry and Sustainable Chemical Processes
  • Tools to plan, design and operate, integrated green technology
  • Matter, Materials and Metallurgy
  • Smart and Functional Materials
  • Green House Gases
  • Adsorption and Gas Storage Materials
  • Natural and Synthetic Products and Processes
  • Biology and Biodiversity
  • Biomass Conversions
  • Renewable Energy and Non renewable Energy
  • Fuel Conservation and Energy Management
  • Catalysis
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming; Green Agricultural Technology
  • Food Safety and Organic Food
  • Nanotechnology for Sustainability
  • Biotech for Sustainability
  • Life-Cycle Assessment
  • Statistics
  • Computation, Modelling and Simulation
  • Air, Soil, Water, Food, Health
  • Medicine, Life-Science, Bio-Medicines
  • Healthy/ Ageing Population
  • Healthcare provision, services and delivery
  • Pharmacy
  • Ecological Sustainability
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Information Technology
  • Green Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Sustainability and Green Information and Communication Technology and Smart Grids
  • Big Data 
  • Management, Green Economy and Sustainable Economic Development
  • Sustainability Related Public Policy, Legislation, Laws and Regulations and Practice
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Innovative Green Technologies and Processes
  • Sustainable Strategies and Policies
  • Decommissioning – Best Practices
  • Industry Best Practices and Innovation
  • Cyber Security and Cyber Crime
  • Green Service Industry: Hospitality and Tourism

Other issues of interest related to Science and Technology for Development